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Huawei caught passing off a DSLR photo as a Nova 3 shot

In a recent advertisement, Huawei attempted to pass off a DSLR photo as shot by its Nova 3i phone, Android Police reported based on a tip-off from Redditor AbdullahSab3.

Fortnite update brings Tomato Temple, Rift-To-Go, Score Royale

This week's Fortnite Battle Royale update has landed -- and it's a big one! Players can explore the new Tomato Temple area.

Watch Diablo III Played on Switch's 6.2-Inch Display

Blizzard confirmed last week that Diablo III will makes its way on to Switch before the end of the year in Eternal Collection form. But before we get to play it, we can see how good it looks when played in handheld mode on the hybrid console.

Tomb Raider Will Be Enhanced for GeForce RTX Cards

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is launching on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but PC gamers willing to spend a small fortune on Nvidia's new GeForce RTX graphics cards will enjoy ray tracing enhancements that make the game look even more stunning.

Yakuza Kiwami 2’s tangled plot is half the appeal

Kazuma is back to kick butt and save the Tojo Clan (again) in 'Yakuza Kiwami 2'.

Everything coming to Netflix in September

Back-to-school procrastination just got WAY too easy.

'Sable' is gorgeous, but will live or die on its story

Developer Shedworks is crafting a quiet, lonely adventure.

‘Dark Souls Trilogy’ collection is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Dark Souls Trilogy comes to PS4 and Xbox One on October 19th -- the same day that Dark Souls: Remastered launches on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit hands-on: The Toy-Cons we've been waiting for

Nintendo's Labo Vehicle Kit is everything we've hoped for.

'Shenmue III' makes its long-delayed debut on August 27th, 2019

The crowdfunded 'Shenmue' sequel has a definitive release date... hopefully.

'Until Dawn' creators return with 'The Dark Pictures Anthology'

Supermassive Games' horror collection starts with 'Man of Medan' in 2019, and it won't be just for PlayStations this time around.

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Verizon throttled fire department's 'unlimited' plan during deadly blaze

In the midst of our response to the Mendocino Complex Fire, County Fire discovered the data connection for OES 5262 [A fire department vehicle “deployed to large incidents as a command and control resource”] was being throttled by Verizon, and data rates had been reduced to 1/200, or less, than the previous speeds. These reduced speeds severely interfered with the OES 5262’s ability to function effectively. My Information Technology staff communicated directly with Verizon via email about the throttling, requesting it be immediately lifted for public safety purposes.


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Australia bans Huawei and ZTE from supplying technology for its 5G network | Hacker News

Australia bans Huawei and ZTE from supplying technology for its 5G network

Apple Store stunned to receive 2 pounds of crystal meth | Cult of Mac

And then there’s the day an Apple Store employee opened a package to find it stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars worth of extremely illegal crystal meth.

Tinder lets college kids swipe their way across campus

"Today, more than half of our users are between the ages of 18 and 24," Tinder 's chief product officer, Brian Norgard, said in a statement. "With Tinder U, we're excited to honor our roots with a new experience that helps students meet other students nearby. It's a fresh product that will make campus life even more entertaining."

6 Twenty-two states ask appeals court to bring back net neutrality | Hacker News

Looking at Q1 2017, and comparing against Q3 2015, we saw the average speed of the US, as measured by Akamai (i.e., someone actually delivering content, not just a 'speed test', which we know is gamed, and largely only hit by people with quick speeds anyway; I've never checked my speed except when I got a new ISP that said it was faster than my old one, i.e., when I first got 100mbps, and when I first got fiber) increase from 12.6mbps to 18.8 mbps. A year and a half under net neutrality and actual, real world average speeds increased 50%. So that was the pre-existing trajectory. It's not like "we're going to repeal net neutrality" is going to cause ISPs to pull their investments instantly, not when they've already been investing. If it's even related. reply

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Apple celebrates national parks with Apple Pay, Apple Watch

Apple is helping fans support and enjoy America’s national parks with a new Apple Pay donation program and Apple Watch Activity Challenge.

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Facebook Says It Removed 652 Disinformation Accounts Linked To Russia And Iran

The first involved a group called “Liberty Front Press” that set up multiple accounts on Facebook and Instagram that were followed by 155,000 other accounts. The group was linked to Iranian state media based on website registrations, IP addresses and administrator accounts, Facebook said. The first accounts were created in 2013 and posted political content about the Middle East, the U.K., and the U.S., although the focus on the West increased starting last year, Facebook said.

Google and IMAX halt work on cinema VR camera

Variety is reporting that the high-end VR camera that was in development between Google and giant-screen cinema company IMAX has ceased. IMAX states that it has "currently paused the development" of the 3D capture hardware.


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13 China says Australia has made 'wrong decision' after Huawei ban

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday Australia had made a “wrong decision” which would have a “negative impact”, after the Australian government banned Chinese firm Huawei Technologies from supplying equipment for its planned 5G mobile network.

Here’s our first good look at LG’s 5-camera V40

Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about the device. It’ll presumably sport a Snapdragon 845 processor, but we don’t know how much RAM or storage might be coming along. And while there will almost certainly continue to be a wide angle and ultra-wide angle lens, it’s not yet clear what that third camera sensor will do. If I had to bet, I’d guess its a telephoto lens to supplement the V40’s video pedigree.

Microsoft shuts down phishing sites, accuses Russia of new election meddling

The apparent spear phishing attempt announced this week seems to be part of "continued activity targeting... elected officials, politicians, political groups, and think tanks across the political spectrum in the United States," Microsoft said. "Taken together, this pattern mirrors the type of activity we saw prior to the 2016 election in the United States and the 2017 election in France."

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Agree about proposing ideas but I also would like a level of due diligence to have been carried out before pitching them (one of the biggest problems in politics imho). This seems a knee jerk idea that’s not been considered further than “we need a public Facebook competitor”.

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Car tech features that Volvo did first

When you think of tech innovators in the auto industry, you might think of Tesla, Toyota or General Motors. However, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has actually been credited with introducing many industry-first features over the years, especially when it comes to safety.

Windows 10: Microsoft and Intel patch latest Spectre and Foreshadow CPU vulnerabilities

The Windows 10 updates, made available late on Monday, contain Intel's latest microcode fixes for the recently discovered Spectre variant 3a and 4 vulnerabilities, which affect many modern computer processors.

NASA is developing AI to give directions in space

The first dealt with the problem of localization on the Moon. It’s relatively easy to figure out where you are on Earth. We can use an old-fashioned map, an app, GPS, search for visual landmarks, walk in one direction until we hit water, or simply ask someone for directions. It’s different on the Moon where, at the surface level, everything looks like this:

RHA’s latest earbuds pack magnetic planar technology and a steep price tag

But perhaps RHA can justify its price tag. The CL2 Planar is the world’s first set of wireless headphones that come with planar magnetic technology, and represents a massive R&D effort from the company.

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New York Public Library Adds Full Books to Instagram Stories

The series begins with Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. To start reading, tap the circle labeled "Alice Part 1" in the library's Story Highlights.

NASA's Hubble telescope delivers new space stunners

A bright center shines in this Hubble space telescope image of the Messier 98 galaxy. "Because of the high amounts of gas and dust, there are numerous star-forming regions in the galaxy, especially in its nucleus and arms," NASA says .

8 things you should never clean with vinegar

So many online DIY sites tell you to put a splash of vinegar in with your dishes. While this may get your dishes clean, it can be hard on the rubber parts in your appliance.

Suspects caught in rash of California Apple Store robberies

After a summer of Apple Store robberies throughout California and elsewhere, three suspects were caught in the act Sunday, and detained by customers near the Apple Store in Thousand Oaks. Three men entered an Apple Store in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sunday and took several items. But this robbery ended differently from all of the other similar ones this summer. After fleeing the store, two of the robbers were tackled by customers, leading to their arrest, police said. A third suspect, along with alleged accomplices, was arrested seperately. "Once inside, the three suspects proceeded to steal several Apple iPhones and Apple laptop computers totaling approximately $18,000.00," the Ventura County Sheriff's Department's report said . "All three suspects ran out of the store, and in doing so, ran into a juvenile female customer causing her to fall to the ground. Other customers in the area tackled two of the suspects and detained them until Thousand Oaks Police Department Deputies arrived on scene." The third suspect fled, but his car was later pulled over by police, who arrested that suspect and two others who were in the getaway car.

Facebook will remove 5,000 discriminatory ad options this fall

This announcement was a smart move from Facebook — during a time when no one seems to trust the platform. It’s encouraging to see the tech giant choosing common decency over selling more manipulative tools to advertisers — even though it’s just to save its own ass.


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31 Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests | Hacker News

Would a better way of describing it be: "People Used Facebook to fuel Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany." You could say that Facebook isn't doing enough to prevent people fuelling attacks but you could also say that the police aren't doing enough either. reply


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Securing Microsoft's Edge browser with Windows Defender Application Guard

Once setup, you can start to use Application Guard in standalone mode using the tools built into Windows 10 to manage it. You'll find a new menu item in Edge, New Application Guard Window, which launches a new instance of the secure Edge container, ready for use. You'll be able to browse as normal, but with some restrictions around using bookmarks and saving downloaded files. You also won't be able to use any extensions. Windows 10's Security Center's App & Browser Control option has tools to open up some of the security boundary around WDAG. Under Isolated Browsing, click to open Change Application Guard Settings. Here you can choose to save data, copy and paste between WDAG-secured Edge and the rest of Windows, print files, and even take advantage of using hardware graphics resources to improve performance.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Everything we know from Gamescom

After years of anticipation, Cyberpunk 2077 's second trailer arrived during  E3  2018. As warmly-recieved as that trailer was, and as exhaustive as post-trailer interviews with developers were, there remains a glaring omission. Members of the public have yet to see what Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay actually looks like. That could change at Gamescom, with Cyberpunk's Twitter account cryptically teasing more information on the title would come at Europe's biggest gaming industry event.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti vs Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

But, how does the GeFroce RTX 2080 Ti compare to its processor, the GTX 1080 Ti ? The GTX 1080 Ti is certainly a tough act to follow, being one of the best gaming graphics cards ever made. It certainly feels like we’ve got the RTX 2080 Ti earlier than expected, but does this mean it’s less of a leap when it comes to performance? Let’s find out.

Lawsuit takes aim at Google for constant location history tracking

A man from San Diego has launched a class action suit versus Google over the recent discovery that the company's iOS and Android apps continue to track a user's location even if Location History is disabled, calling the unwanted tracking a breach of the user's privacy.

iFixit dissects the $2,299 Magic Leap One so you don’t have to

Among their discoveries: a four-LED array of infrared sensors is built into each of the headset's lenses, and the sensors are aimed at users' eyeballs to track their movement. The headset's lenses are each equipped with six layers, and each layer is dedicated to one color wavelength (red, blue, or green). Three of those lens layers render near-focused visuals, and the other three render far-focused content—which doubles Microsoft's own take on the concept. (iFixit is careful to point out existing Magic Leap patents regarding how these function.)

First clear renders of the LG V40 ThinQ show off its five cameras

We’ve heard for a while that the LG V40 ThinQ could have five cameras and now there’s visual evidence of that in the form of several high-quality leaked renders, revealing that three of the cameras are on the back and two are on the front.

Lenovo's latest tablets include a $70 Android Go model

Android Go isn't just for entry-level smartphones. Lenovo is refreshing its Android tablet line, and the centerpiece is arguably the Tab E7 (above), an ultra-low-end model for anyone who just wants the basics. The 7-inch slate won't wow people with its 1,024 x 600 screen, 1.3GHz MediaTek processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage and 5-hour video playback time. However, Android Oreo Go edition should help it perform more gracefully than other tablets in that class -- and the $70 starting price makes it a tempting option if you just want a no-frills e-book or Netflix viewer. It'll be a Walmart exclusive when it ships in October, and a 10-inch Tab E10 counterpart will arrive at the same time offering a faster Snapdragon 210 and a 1,280 x 800 panel for $130.

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A Look at the PUBG Mobile Booth - Gamescom 2018 - IGN Video

A peek behind the curtain of PUBG Mobile where fans and pros are facing off for prizes.

Facebook violates Apple’s data-gathering rules, pulls VPN from App Store

"As part of providing these features, Onavo may collect your mobile data traffic," the description states. "This helps us improve and operate the Onavo service by analyzing your use of websites, apps and data. Because we're part of Facebook, we also use this info to improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences."

DJI Mavic Pro 2 and Mavic 2 Zoom: Everything you need to know

The addition of the zoom lens also allows for different camera presets, in particular, "dolly zoom." With this mode (and only on the Mavic 2 Zoom) you can keep a target (like the wind-swept me, below) in the center of the frame, and leverage the zoom while the Mavic slowly flies towards/away from you to create an unusual effect that warps the scene around them. It looks pretty neat, but I'm not yet sold on how many times you'll want to use it. That said, it's easily the most cinematic of DJI's "QuickShot" presets -- the company says the feature was inspired by Hitchcock films, and even now it's clear these dolly zooms can add a needed dose of drama to your aerial footage.

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5 clever ways a New York startup turned our doggie devotion into more than $200 million a year

The New York–based startup behind the popular dog-toy and dog-treat subscription service BarkBox is an emerging player in the $86 billion pet industry. Bark produces more than 35 playful, pun-in-cheek products each month—a fiery-haired “Dog­nald” chew toy and “Playwatch” squirrels dressed as lifeguards among them—and sells them via subscription boxes, retailers including Target and Urban Outfitters, and on Here are five ways Bark turned our doggie devotion into more than $200 million in revenue a year.

48 It's official: Playing as Oddjob in 'GoldenEye' was cheating

Speaking to Mel Magazine , GoldenEye 's lead environment artist Karl Hilton and gameplay programmer Mark Edmonds revealed that yes, playing as Oddjob gave you a significant advantage. His short stature meant that auto-aim sent ammo sailing above his head, and the developers were well aware of this. "We all thought it was kind of cheating when we were play-testing with Oddjob, but it was too much fun to take out and there was no impetus from any of us to change it," Hilton said. "It's definitely cheating to play as Oddjob," Edmonds agreed.

Microsoft reportedly wants to rent out Xboxes to gamers for a monthly fee

It’ll be interesting to see if that helps Microsoft grow its gaming audience. Lowering the barrier to entry sounds like a smart move, but it also requires the company to figure out how to rent out and maintain hardware over months and years.

Nigeria set to use drones to tackle growing problem of livestock theft

Added to the use of drones, the state has also built a call center and has announced an SMS shortcode which people in Osun State, especially farmers, can use to track the movement of live stocks in the surrounding areas.

51 NetApp Cloud Volumes, Not Your Mother's File Service
52 Facebook Bans Quiz App That Captured Data of Four Million Users
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55 Google Fit teams up with the WHO to help you shed the pounds
56 Facebook says it removed pages related to 'inauthentic behavior'
57 Apple CEO Tim Cook donates nearly $5M in company stock to charity
58 This smart bandage can help diagnose and treat your injuries | ZDNet
59 Facebook is rating the trustworthiness of its users on a scale from zero to one
60 Hands-on: The Elder Scrolls mobile game is violent fun, but feels shallow
61 This new ransomware campaign targets business and demands a massive bitcoin ransom | ZDNet
62 A New Yorker invited over 150 men on the world's most bizarre Tinder date
63 Massachusetts gives workers new protections against noncompete clauses
64 Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 vs Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
65 PUBG 1.0 hits Xbox One on Sept. 4
66 Russian firm says it is baffled by addition to U.S. sanctions
67 Nintendo legend says company should shun free-to-play games | Cult of Mac
68 Pornhub Now Accepts PumaPay Cryptocurrency
69 Galaxy Note 9: Hidden features you can only do with an S Pen
70 The dramatic new cover of 'Time' shows Trump 'in deep'
71 How to install and use the pCloud desktop client
72 Fully functional rare Apple-1 heads to auction on September 25
73 Sony’s new Aibo robot dog can be yours for a whopping $2,899
74 The Books on Barack Obama’s Summer Reading List: Naipaul, Ondaatje & More
75 What's better than a new DJI Mavic drone? Two of them, of course
76 How Much Time, Money and Practice Does It Take to Make It to the Pokemon World Championships? - IGN
77 This artist does the most detailed pen drawings you've ever seen
78 How to configure gzip compression with NGINX
79 Watch out, Apple: Amazon could be worth $2.5 trillion by 2024 | Cult of Mac
80 I tried the Cyberpunk 2077 beers so you don't have to
81 Ericsson, Samsung gain share in network gear as ZTE slumps
82 Celebrities who said goodbye to social media
83 Why Do People Switch Between Mobile Operating Systems?
84 Pixel 3 XL set to have wireless charging, but you'll have to buy your own charger
85 The Dark Reality Behind America’s Greatest Thrift Store Empire
86 How to Choose a Startup Investment - ReadWrite
87 How Atlanta is transforming itself into one of the top smart cities in the world
88 This kid's attempt to smuggle sugar out of a restaurant frankly deserves a medal
89 How to speed up cyberattack recovery with Critical Event Management